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Riders - An App That Has Come to Revolutionize

Riders by BMW Motorrad Brasil

Expanding from Offline to application Riders

The BMW Motorrad Days Brasil Event gave rise to the great idea of ​​the application Riders, designed to improve the experience of motorcyclists, the event is an immersive experience for lovers of motorcycling and fans of the traditional BMW Motorrad Brazil.

Motorcycle, music, friendship and fun - this is the promise of BMW to all participants in one of the biggest events for lovers of the brand. BMW Motorrad Days Brasil has become a very important ritual for those who like to be always up to date with the news in the area and much more: for those who want to be always connected with new events, offroad courses, sports routes and share new experiences with other adventurers.

phone screens with the BWM app in use

How has BMW managed to extend the reach of its offline events?

With the intention of being innovative of experiences and attracting the public of the universe of two wheels in all means and keeping them updated in real time to all the news and events, BMW Motorrad Brasil thought: How to keep the fans of the brand connected? The answer is simple: technology!

An Application and a Path Every Second

Riders by BMW Motorrad Brazil

The applicaion Riders by BMW Motorrad Brazil creates unique and enriching experiences for fans of the brand. Developed for two-wheeled adventurers with the goal of providing an unprecedented experience with your motorcycle, an app that brings you far beyond the basics: everything the BMW rider needs to create his own #MakeLifeARide stories.

Through an administrative panel, the BMW team is able to create and update new content for its audience, such as new events, dealerships close to the user, exclusive offers via the app, exploring better motorcycle routes, personalized routes, sharing routes with friends and more.

Among the main functions of the BMW Riders app are:


Everything that's going on, straight from BMW for fans: promotions, safety tips, tournament results and prizes in the most diverse categories.


The App, through geolocation, shows the current distance of the motorcyclist in relation to several tourist points, as well as its characteristics.


With a long schedule of activities, the BMW rider can sign up for workshops, lectures, experience new roads and especially create new friendships.


The closest units to support the rider, in a single app.


From Adventure to Sport - The main technical characteristics of motorcycles in all BMW categories.

BMW Motorrad Brasil's goal was to create an app that would provide a spetacular user experience with the bike and we were able to fully understand this need by building an application with all the functions they need.

Does your company have a project and would you like to turn it into reality like the BMW Motorrad Brazil Riders app? Ask for a budget with X-Apps! We evaluate your needs and what are the best options in the development of the application, software or system combining quality x cost-benefit.

icons that represent the application's gamification system, such as medals and trophies


In a very interactive way of involving users, the app provides a points system for each type of interaction within the app, thus representing the healthy side of competitiveness among motorcyclists.\

Following upward trends with the gamification market, the BMW Motorrad Riders app chose to use this feature, a system with the aim of stimulating competition, using the app and it is fun, creating greater engagement with the brand.

It is possible to apply gamification in software for various purposes and make your customers increasingly loyal to the brand, participatory and collaborative. Offering an effort bonus almost immediately is something that is highly valued and draws the attention of users.

BMW motorcycle stopped on track


“Not only the deadline, but to understand exactly what we want to convey… at the moment we passed the briefing, the Mikael team, X-Apps was super assertive… They brought us a solution and followed the guide 100%”

Gabriela - Marketing Head at BMW

“The partnership with X-Apps provided the interaction between the bike and the smartphone, as well as mirroring the routes for riding in a group.”

Sérgio Fossa - Engineer at BMW Motorrad

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